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FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 12:00am PDT
two al gores. >> also greg, you couldn't remember what year obama gave his accentance speech? >> you know, sometimes -- ya. >> it was either 2008 or 2012, right? >> yes. >> and it wasn't 2012. >> all right. >> as diane was trying to explain, you can't say obama's problem was the altitude. but romney didn't have the same problem, and then say oh it takes more than a day or two to acclimate. romney didn't get there until monday night. >> so the debate was wednesday so he had more than a day. >> you said it takes more than a day or two. >> no, i said more than the day. yes, i did. go to the tape. >> see. >> wait, here is the tape. one day and one day only. guess i won. >> also bill, you said he is the president and he can't get to denver earl early. get to denver early. on tuesday he visited the hoover dam. >> that's what presidents do. >> by the way, -- well never mind. >> the romney shirt in the school. tom, why did you start singing "friday." >> rebecca black, she wore the shirt to school and i like her video. >> okay, i cannot argue with you, sir. there is something wrong with you e
FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 3:00am EDT
years we saw obama up against another side. whether he is able to come back -- we keep saying he is going to be the come back kid here. he has shown he is incapable of a debate format here. >> doesn't he seal -- he goes on a show like "the view" and he seems personable and likable. >> nobody is challenging him on "the view." >> but that's what i'm saying. that's his comfort level. >> elizabeth hasselbeck was an up treppe pied reporter during that show. >> she got yelled at for it. >> he chimed in with an i don't know. i don't know if you caught that. >> i thought i made a valid point and you looked at me like usual like i am drawing things on my face and screaming up into the sky into a transmitter. when you make promises you don't live up to four years prior, what are you going to say during the debate? we see this happen every four years and nobody calls attention to that. if you go out four years ago and go, we are going to have a water slide on every corner. we love water slides in this country. i am gonna do it. four years later everybody goes, where are the water slides. you a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)